Marin Stables Address: 139 Wood Lane | Fairfax, CA 94930
Mailing Address: Marin Stables and Trails, Inc. | P.O 314 | Fairfax CA 94978-0314
Phone: 415-504-1830

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Marin Stables & Trails, Inc.
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Finishing our renovations will enable us to continue our most valuable outreach programs...
With your help, this irreplaceable community treasure will continue to provide a magical place for future generations. Today, more than ever, we need your help. Preserving and protecting Marin’s public resources and providing educational and therapeutic programs for members of our community cannot be done with money alone. To volunteer, please contact us. Ours is an all volunteer organization and we have worked hard to keep our administrative costs and overhead to a minimum. Our goal is to see that donated dollars go mostly to long range capital improvements, educational and therapeutic programs, trail maintenance and creek preservation.

Great gifts are available with your donation! $20.00 for a mug or a tshirt plus shipping of $6.00.

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